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Core Values

Our mission is to provide our members with a first-class business strategy and a seamless implementation plan to ensure optimal results.





The following is a non-exhaustive list of services available to our members:

Corporate planning

Entity selection and registration, business licensing, risk assessments, regulatory compliance, tax preperation, 501c3 exemption, intellectual property protection, contract negotiations, and real estate planning.

Project management

Project conception and initiation, project definition and planning, logistical and operational support, talent sourcing, volunteer coordination, and purchasing agrements.

Public policy

Policy design, research, writing, advocacy, stakeholder engagement, best practices, and briefing on policy changes might impede business processes.


Simple websites and social media marketing, technical writing, complex mobile and web applications, data protection and cybersecurity, software and hardware recommendations.


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Finished projects


corporate registrations


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About Us

The word "Stafford" is derived from "Staff" a long stick that you carry in your hand for support while walking & "ford" which translates to a shallow part of a body of water that may be crossed by wading; Wyseman is a play on the phrase "Wise Men." Stafford Wyseman literally means a group of individuals that support you while walking and are wise enough to know the perfect point of entry into any business venture to maximize return on investment.


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